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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 10, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with a serious hobbit infestation. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair, balanced, on our way t sm. thank you. mr. bill is probably less appreciative. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. [shouting] is there insurrection going on in gland? is it because caused by the world why economy? >> what's going to happen? ♪ come on come on. >> bill: planned parenthood openly celebrating the federal government ordering insurance companies to pay for birth control. crowley and colmes on that? >> we could reduce our military spending by $250 billion a year. >> bill: charles krauthammer on barney frank and other uber
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liberals refusing to compromise on social justice spending but cut back on defense. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. collateral damage from the economic chaos. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. life is hard, then you die. that's the pessimist view of the human condition. right now in america, perform is running pessimism is running wild because we are living in a complicated dangerous age, our federal government not really protecting us. the primary reason the founding fathers instituted a federal government in the first place rather than a loose con federation of states was to provide protection to americans against foreign invasion, against criminals across state lines, against people who would manipulate the currency and the economy. simply put the federal
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government's primary duty is to protect you and me. to protect the american people. that's what we saw after 9/11. when the u.s. government ran up a huge debt trying to defeat al qaeda and other anti-american terrorists. it largely worked. we haven't been attacked again on the home front. along the way hundreds of billions of dollarsy wasted. i guess that's understand in the fog of war. the huge debt is now hurting all of us. in addition the feds have not been able to protect us from the illegal -- the feds have let us down on all of those fronts. now, we're being let down again, economically. it is clear president obama's big spending, big government economic agenda has failed. it is also very apparent that america needs responsible spending and a reinvigor ration of the private marketplace. yet, that's not happening. so the world's investment community has begun to punish us. but it's not our fault. it's not the fault of the folks. we didn't do anything wrong.
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most of us work hard, most of us are honest and pelosi of us simply want a decent life for our families. but leadership in both parties is letting us down. primarily because of ideology. there is nothing wrong with being a liberal or a conservative or a tea party member or libertarian. that's what freedom is all about. political choice. when an ideology begins to damage the country then something must be done. that's president obama's conundrum. he cannot seem to break away from his liberal philosophy and admit that the free marketplace is the only vehicle that can drive us back to prosperity. a new gallup poll surveyed each state about mr. bomb maps job performance. connecticut is the highest. 60. iowa the lowest. 27% approve of the performance there all tolled, 29 states are disproving of mr. obama. 20 say a good job and north carolina is tied. you can see statewide sentiment has turned against the
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president. talking points believes in the election were held today, mr. obama would lose. americans are suffering and the buck will not stop at a tea party rally. or at the home of president bush. no. the buck will stop where harry truman once lived in the white house. and that's the memo. now, the top story tonight. looks like texas governor rick perry will get in the race for president. he may make his announcement on saturday. joining us from washington to analyze radio talk show star and the author of the new big best seller of thee i zing. laura ingraham. okay. big debate coming up thursday night on the fox news channel. 9:00 p.m. republican debate in iowa. right now, and this is a snapshot but we have to deal with reality where we're. we have got romney. we have got perry and michele bachmann. those are the players that could possibly win the nomination as it stands right now. anything could happen. but i want to go to those three. let's take texas governor perry first. how do you see him? >> here is a big upside.
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texas and the texas experience. the economy in texas is humming. it's one of the few bright spots across states, across this country. is he going to tout that and say i know how to run things. i know how to free up business. i understand how business runs, i'm a chief executive. that's in the positive category. as well as social conservatives, bill, we saw the big prayer event this weekend. had a big crowd. and i think he scores big and positive there. downside is it is august. and he -- he could, i say could, run the risk of being the fred thompson of this race. remember how everybody was waiting for thompson to get n july of 2008. turns out that july was a little late. and the money and the excitement really didn't ever show up for fred thompson. it remains to be seen whether -- we'll see rick perry be able to overcome the fact that he doesn't really have much of an organization yet. and it's not clear that the old bush money, all those bush pioneers and rangers bundlers of big cash are going to go toward
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rick perry. that's where he is right now. >> bill: bush doesn't like perry. there is a lot of tension between those two men. kind of a long seeded stuff in texas. the thing about texas economy is there is job creation there but it's not, you know, the per capita earnings in texas are low. education standards are low. >> business growth is high. people are moving into texas because of the job opportunities. >> bill: there is no state taxes there. >> a positive story to tell compared to other states. >> bill: i agree. let's leave it there i believe perry has a good story to tell. he has the texas thing around his neck because of george w. bush. they are going to do we really want another texas guy in here? i think he can overcome that. but governor perry is a lot like governor romney. they even look a little bit alike. they have got the hair. the hair is really going on there for both of those guys. and they kind of look, you know, i don't know how to describe.
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>> the question is, bill, who can electrify a crowd? about. >> bill: i don't know about perry. romney doesn't really electrify, does he? >> no. let's move on to romney. romney's positives are what perry's negatives were. romney has an enormous organization in place. passing by the iowa straw poll. big in new hampshire. moving in south carolina, michigan is a sure win for romney. he has a big organization. what he doesn't have yet, and might not ever be able to have, i don't know, is an ability to electrify with his own personal narrative. he does have a narrative and some of it is really positive. he knows how to turn around a crisis. however, he obviously has the massachusetts romney care experience which a lot of people just don't ever want him to forget. and really an from about that he also has a reputation still as being someone who says one thing one day and then tweaks it or changes it all together the next. so, right now, romney if i had to bet today romney would be the nominee but anything can change. >> bill: i think romney and the
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texas governor are fighting for the same crew. although the texas governor perry is more conservative, socially than romney is. >> he has more the south than romney would have. >> bill: remember, romney had a good line yesterday when he said s&p downgraded the american situation. he said, you know, s&p upgraded when i was in massachusetts. they upgraded us. it's a tough state. >> remember, bill, romney will win all of the blue states, right? romney will win the del democrats in places like new york, in california, obviously all of new england. he will make huge strides there. someone like a perry, it remains to be seen whether is he going to be able to be competitive beyond the south. >> bill: let's talk about michele bachmann. we had her on the program last night. she has a lot of charisma. can electrify a crowd as you mentioned. she a tea party person. will that -- that's going to help her in iowa. when she breaks out of iowa. what happens? >> yeah. well, she has to kind of watch
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out for what happened to our friend mike huckabee, right? because huckabee same thing, incredible speaker, can really motivate and inspire a crowd. and he is someone that we all like. the problem is he wasn't able, no most cases branch out beyond the social conservative evangelical crowd. for bachmann you saw what "newsweek" did to her. i know you talked to her about it last night. >> bill: no, i didn't mention it to her because i was so wrapped up in the discussion about entitlement reform. it helps her. >> it helps her, bill. remember, a narrative is pounded and pounded and pounded has a wave becoming an albatross. they did it to palin. she is obviously incredibly successful in her own right. you have to be willing to go counter type to whatever it is that they are trying to characterize you at? >> bill: lawyer and i talked about this "newsweek" cover that is unflattering picture of her. >> outrage.
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typical. >> bill: unfortunately typical of the liberal media in america. it helps her. this t. shows it, reinforces what they did to sarah palin. now they are trying it here. even the national organization for women said look, enough is enough with this nonsense. >> that's what they do to conservative women who are smart. persona nongraduate that they can do. buy laura's book of thee i zing. next on the run down, plan the parenthood celebrating government is ordering insurance companies to pick up the tab for women's birth control. happy about that. john stossel on who is to blame for the bad economy. stossel went out to meet the folks. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, barack and a hard place, as we reported last week as part of obama characterization the federal government is ordering health insurance companies to pick up the entire tabernacle for female birth control, breast feeding and all of that planned parenthood publicly celebrating the occasion. ♪ hey. >> come on, come on, come on. not understanding the indian motif as india is overpopulated.
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they are happy people and happy people make me happy. here to analyze legendary alan colmes and monica crowley. what did you think of that spot? >> nothing says a party like a dancing birth control pack. that was a total insult to slumdog millionaire. bali thing. >> why would they pick india. >> i do not know. >> bill: birth control and they need the pills? >> bill: that's a pretty stretched kind of thing. >> on a serious note, this is the beginning of the horrors of obama care. two points about. this obama care is one huge freebie, right? so we're talking about the freebies here about free birth control, no deductible, no co-pays for any female consumer who wants birth control. the entire obama care law is a massive freebie. it's going to cost us trillions more than anybody even anticipated and this is just the beginning of it. the second point, bill, is that when all of this was being debated over a year and a half before they rammed this down the
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american people's throat. 00 obama administration said look not going to be in the business of making your medical and moral decisions for you. now here we are talking about birth control in the context of free health care and the obama care law. >> bill: also get free breast. >> >> tubulization. domestic violence. why is the government in any way, shape or form involved in any of this? >> bill: colmes can answer that. >> thank you for asking. $11 billion a year is saved by doing this to stop unintended pregnancy. you want to talk about saving money, this is a great way to save money. >> bill: here is the problem with that analysis which is specious. >> i like that word. >> bill: yeah. thank you. the problem with your analysis is that you may save money if somebody doesn't get pregnant and also may save lives through abortion. that's absolutely true. that could happen. what will happen, what is definite is that because the insurance companies, health insurance companies have to pay
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the full tabernacle, they are going to raise their premiums to me and to every other small business owner in the country where upon all the small business owners are saying you know what? we are not going to hire as many people because we have to pay these high insurance premiums. >> i would get private insurance out of the health care business. >> bill: it's not up to you, thank god. deal with what we have. >> no, let me just say something. >> bill: you have to deal with this -- segment is about. so you must know after i laid that case out, that this is going to hurt employment. employment is going to be hurt by those dancing fools. >> if you are ultimately saving that kind of money, everybody wins. furthermore -- >> bill: the government sees it. not private business. >> the government could use saving that money. that only helps everybody. >> bill: you are dodging the question. it's not going to help hiring and employment. >> 28 states also have insurance coverage this stuff. this is not just about birth control. it's been screening for h.i.v.
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it's about domestic violence. >> bill: you are not answering. >> what am i not answering? >> bill: this hurts employment. it hurts it. because people aren't going to hire more americans when they have to pay higher health -- >> i don't agree. if you are ultimately saving this kind of money. >> bill: how do you not agree. >> no. the government may be saving it but private business isn't saving it. >> it helps everybody. it helps the taxpayer. it helps everyone. >> bill: i think everybody gets it let's move aahead. all right. now, who is at fault -- it came back today 400 points because the wise guys are home and day traders and all that. don't just do anything. leave your portfolio alone. don't do anything. who is at fault for all of this chaos? >> the reason you have economic chaos nearly three years of kind of massive wealth redistribution policy, bill. >> bill: who is at fault. >> let me make my point. >> bill: don't have enough time. >> that have created a massive overhang of debt that have
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suffocated the private sector. that's why you have -- >> bill: republican party, tea party, president obama, who is the number one -- >> -- until three years ago, the republicans went down the road of big government, big spending policies. president bush spent too much. the g.o.p. establishment spent too much. that didn't give the democrats and president obama the excuse to quadruple the national deficit. >> bill: who is most at fault democratic congress. >> of course they are. >> bill: or the president. >> they have blown out the federal balance sheet. >> the tea party are at fault. pulled the republican party to the right. they are the ones who played with they didn't care if we defaulted. >> bill: you are going to tell millions of people. >> yes. ill. >> bill: it's the tea party. >> tea party is ruining america. these are the people. the tail wagging the dog. >> bill: the tea party? >> if you look at the s&p actually says. >> bill: there is a dog and a tail in this. >> yes, there is. >> bill: i lost your train of thought. i lost it about eight years ago. >> i will talk slower next time.
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>> bill: one of the few times i'm glad the computer is going to blow me up. all right, barack and hard place. directly ahead john stossel asking the folks who is to blame for the bad economy. later, is it legal on whether the supreme court will rule obama care unconstitutional? also polygamist warren jeffs sentenced today. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment. as we told you in the talking points, americans are furious. who is to blame? i asked the barack and hard place duo and we sent jesse watters and john stossel out to speak to the folks. >> who is to blame for this bad economy? >> obama. >> i think it would be mean to pin it all on one person, you know. >> wall street.
2:23 am
they put obama in in office. >> who do you think is more responsible the democrats or republicans. >> democrats. >> so it's the republicans' fault. >> usually is. >> it wasn't carter's fault or ford's fault or reagan's fault. but somewhere somewhere mr. bush. >> i hate the tea party. i will say that straight up to fox news. >> are you worried about this economy? >> oh, yeah. >> what are you worried about? >> i'm worried about my children. >> i'm not terribly worried about it. we have pretty confident people. >> you can't spend more than you take in. >> i'm worried about a job today. >> what's going to happen? >> as long as we have a military, i know the chinese won't be down on broadway. >> bill: here now fox business anchor john stossel see him at fbn. does d. that lady say we had competent people. >> she did. we are looking for them day and night. >> bill: where with they? when you speak to people, i branded them and you can use this because you need this on your fbn show. you know they have bugs, no see
2:24 am
em. >> i heard you say this. >> bill: people don't know anything. >> no thinkems. i'm trying to get a gauge on what percentage of the population that is when you speak to people and do you this a lot. do most of them know what they are talking about? >> no. and also, it's hard for me to know. i think the would say oh, john stossel, and they are willing to talk. are the people who watch news shows. they are more informed. i think most people are too busy living their own lives. they don't pay attention to the stuff. that's why when we say we have to cut some things, they scream so hard. they don't see the seriousness of the problem. >> bill: the big picture. when you say they are living their lives. isn't part of their life respecting and trying to help their country? used to be a big part of america, remember that? >> it should be. but most people are not watching news shows or reading newspapers. they are watching sitcoms. >> bill: i'm worried about that.
2:25 am
i think that's really going to come back to haunt us. who is really at fault for the economy being as shaky as it is. >> every president and congress since fdr. >> bill: you spread the blame out. >> especially bush and obama who doubled spending. >> bill: now, bush has an excuse that 9/11 really added urgency to, you know, all of the things that we had to do to upgrade ourselves so we wouldn't be attacked again. do you buy that? >> >> some of that spending was necessary. not all of it, giving body armored dogs in ohio. but he increased spending on many other fronts. he increased regulation, too. >> bill: prescription drug deal. >> makes business afraid to hire. he talked a good game. >> bill: didn't add enough regulations if you look at the mortgage backed stuff. >> it wouldn't have stopped the mortgage problem. strict oversight and people saying to these people you can't do those kind of deals because it simply isn't going to it
2:26 am
isn't going to be honest because you are taking debt that is no collateral on the debt and you can't really do that. that would have really stopped a lot of the madness. >> i know you believe that. >> bill: you do. >> i don't believe they would have known which thing to stop. >> that's when i say we need good leadership, we need leadership that does know what's going on behind the scenes. >> i say we need leadership that appreciates limited government and protect's people safety as you said in the talking points. >> bill: i want much lower spending and i think it's coming, don't you? >> the tea party that they criticized, thank goodness for them. >> bill: i would like the tea party now to basically present itself as the solution, not the problem, you know, they need some leadership. they really need a couple people out there to articulate what the tea party is. they don't have that yet. maybe you, stossel. >> >> look, you tea party people.
2:27 am
here he is. right? you guys need somebody out there to be a point man. i know they don't like that. they like to be decentralized. >> they have ron paul. >> i know you have here. feelings about ron. >> i like ron as a guy. do i want him as a president? >> yes, you do. >> yes, we can. >> here is stossel. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. is there insurrection going on. thugs will update you on horrendous situation. could it happen here in america? is it legal on whether the supreme court will throw out obama care and polygamist warren jeffs sentenced today.
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political bill fact at follow up segment tonight. the economy is not only bad in america, it's hurting europe big time. after a police shooting in london, thugs began to run wild. is there an economic element to this? [shouting]
2:31 am
>> joining us now from london fox news correspondent amy kellogg. the reason i bring up this economic thing is when the government there announced that it was cutting back spending just like they are going to have to do here, there were big gibraltar square. a lot of that anarchy stuff going on. now this looks to me like a combination of thuggery and a little bit of that anarchy, am i wrong? >> bill, you are right, i think. you have to differentiate between grievance and criminality and, of course, this started out out of anger over a shooting. but then, you know, what does taking flat screen tv's out of department stores have to do with grievance about a black man in a pour neighborhood getting shot by police. you are right. there have been cuts here. some have affected youth programs. but we're not sure to what
2:32 am
extent this is just opportunityism. to what extent they are having fund and what extent desperation in many neighborhoods where there aren't a lot of jobs and opportunities. >> neighborhoods largely marginalized. immigrant neighborhoods. class many is. this is similar to the rodney king situation in l.a. i was right in the middle of that amy, where you had rodney king beaten by the cops. all the riots and looting and burning and people dying. there is no difference. the fuse is lit. this happens. now, tell me about the guy who was shot by the cops. because london cops usually don't carry guns. what happened to that guy? >> >> they don't carry guns. reluctant to use plastic bullets on these crowds. they haven't used water canons and they haven't used tear gas. this guy was a suspected gang member. he was the father of four. 29-year-old man, gnome to
2:33 am
police. shot by police while cab he had been followed. now it turns out he was not armed of course that would have given the police some excuse for what they did. we don't know exactly what happened. so, that was what set it all off. started as peaceful protests. >> bill: all right. >> but at this point it's turned into something else. >> bill: the difference between america and great britain here in america many of us are armed because of the second amendment. in great britain they don't like guns. as you just mentioned we mentioned that the cops don't even carry guns. here is a really good example of a shop owner or store owner and you don't have a gun, you are in big trouble. now, is has any of that been raised by the bbc and other liberal british press that maybe the cops should be temperature and maybe they should be armed? >> well, as i said, they are thinking about using the plastic bullets tonight not tonight but in general if this continues. we are seeing, bill, a lot of vigilantes out tonight.
2:34 am
we have seen people guarding their terms, we have seen people guarding their shops. i have heard antidotally that baseball bat sales on the internet have been up exponentially. there is a sense that the police have not been able to control this and people are really concerned that when they call up for help that the police aren't there to help them because they are fending off these guys who are breaking into stores and burning buildings and calling in false fire alarms. the debate about guns i have to say has not come up here in terms of whether people should have them more freely or whether the police should have them. there is a sense this is not being handled and great sense of fear. it's poor communities initially but it is creeping in closer to the center of town. we saw eeling last night which is not a poor neighborhood get completely trashed in the downtown. that was really a shock to people. >> bill: they have to bring in the military if that continues and then the gun debate will ramp up. amy, stay safe over there we appreciate your good work. thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> when we come right back
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polygamist warren jeffs getting justice today. overrule obama care and declare it unconstitutional. legal is next. you go next if you had a
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call the number on your screen. bill political three hot topics begins with the supreme court and obama care. right now the court son vacation it will reconvene october 3rd and expected to take up obama care sometime therefore marry now lis wiehl. how can we get that job supreme court justice? october 3rd? >> i would love that vacation time. >> one of my producers said really they are doing administrative work. >> when do doo we expect them to take up this case? >> i think they will take it up next issue with the in the winter term after an appellate court has ruled finally i think that the rule is unconstitutional. the law is unconstitutional. >> winter term means january, february? >> january, february. >> bill: that will impact the
2:39 am
presidential race. >> of course. the ultimate ruling will come down right in the summer before the election. >> bill: before they start their vacation in may. >> maybe june or july. i have got to get this job. president obama -- i'm not a lawyer, but that's a good thing. >> make a better decision. >> do you agree with knee that think 5-4. going to overturn the mandate to buy insurance. >> yes, do i think that vehicle by which they will do it is by reviewing the virginia case in which the fourth circuit of appeals issued that opinion or the 26 states that also have filed against it. >> bill: you are telling me if i was a supreme court justice i would have to do all of that. >> you would have to do you will all of that. >> bill: do you agree. >> i'm not sure it's going to be 5-4. dagen may have to recuse herself. >> bill: let's not draw on minutia. do you agree with guilfoyle? all three of us agree for the first time in history on is it legal. we all agree that obama care is
2:40 am
going to be overturned. all right. now, in missouri they have passed a state law that prohibits teachers from interacting with students on the net. >> yes. on, say, for example, facebook or any other form of social media so, if i'm a teacher and you are my student, i'm not allowed to contact you, email you, tweet you, myspace you. >> what if i contact you and ask for advice or something? >> well, then they should be redirected that's not appropriate come to office hours. this provision basically is looking to prevent some of the sexual abuse. misconduct that's been happening. >> bill: you are telling me in this state law if i'm a student and i say hey, mr. o i have got a big problem here, i can't answer. >> the teacher needs to say no, i'm prohibited. >> by law. >> yes by law from doing that. >> >> on school property and using school computers that's fine. >> have to be during school hours. >> facebook is fine as long as other people can see it teachers
2:41 am
can see it. >> even off hours. >> exclusive just to private communications. >> good rule of thumb to teachers, believe me is was one and i'm looking out for you guys. if the kid reaches out to you that way, you know, say, look, come see me during schooltime this, and that. want to have a structure here so that there is quote no unquote miscommunication, right? >> that can be problematic. keep in mind this law was proposed because there was an a.p. investigation. found 87 missouri teachers had lost their license between 2001 and 2005 because of sexual misconduct staggering number inappropriate. >> the aclu objects to this not have direct contact with anybody at any time. >> first amendment to be fair. >> the teacher's first amendment rights. >> to be fair, right. >> bill: the aclu will probably lose i would imagine on. this i would think so except for that one part of the law says it has to be exclusive.
2:42 am
if it's open and other people can be on board and looking at what you are interacting. >> bill: the aclu wants no restrictions on teacher/student. >> right. >> bill: do you think they will lose. >> i think they will lose. it might be a little bit overbroad. might have to say can you talk to former students, that's another provision that's problematic. once you have graduated. >> can't stop you once you graduated. >> right. that's my point. >> i don't want to side with the aclu but that's crazy. under 18. warren jeffs is heinous child molester and he is sentenced to life. >> life plus 20 years. >> in prison. >> yes. >> 55 years old, now he goes to huntsville. not a great place. >> texas. and what wiehl was the primary piece of evidence that convicted him. >> two pieces of evidence one was d.n.a. with a 15-year-old that he fathered a child with. the other was a tape that they played in the trial with the 12-year-old where you could hear
2:43 am
him sexually assaulting this 12-year-old and the jury here. >> who made that. >> i don't know whether the police made it some of the other things himself. >> i don't know who recorded it, but it's warren jeffs on the tape telling the 12-year-old, instructing her how to sexually please him and saying if you sexually please me and these are the ways you can do it you will also be pleasing god. bye bye warren jeffs. >> the jury took 35 minutes? >> maybe 30, 35 exactly. >> 10 women, two men. >> bus florida casey anthony? texas is a whole different ballgame now. those people are not going to say well, warren jeffs his mom was mean to him when he was 6. >> evaluated. let's say he will be preaching to a whole different congregation. >> he did a real good job. >> fired seven lawyers before he went and represented himself. >> bill: say goodbye to him. we hope we never have to mention his name again. >> we hope so. >> thanks as always. we appreciate it. >> thank you.
2:44 am
>> bill: in a moment, barney frank, charles krauthammer, and your wallet. right back with the very lively report.
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>> back of the book segment total. if you really want to know what the left wing cause da jury is just call up our pal barney frank. on all things liberal the congressman is the go-to guy. >> i want america to be very strong and able to defend itself. but i don't want us to take on the job of policing every political dispute everywhere in the world. we could reduce our military spending by $250 billion a year. 140 billion from the iraq and afghanistan wars and over 100 billion in western europe and japan and other wealthy
2:48 am
nations and bring that money home. >> bill: joining us now from washington fox news analyst charles krauthammer. a few weeks ago you and i kicked it around. i said the american left is harming itself beyond repair. you disagree. but here we have economic chaos. the left still not backing away from the social justice deal as you just heard barney frank take the defense money away but please, please, don't hurt fannie mae and freddie mac and income redistribution. i'm saying to myself, you know, americans are not going to buy. this they're not going to buy it. >> well, i mean, on the face of it it is rather absurd. is he talking about saving all of this money from iraq. i don't know if he has been telling you about we're going to be out of iraq in less than the five months. as for afghanistan, it's his party that criticized the republicans for a decade saying afghanistan is the good war, the real war, war on terror. and the bush administration should have been spending blood and treasure there so the democrats get into office. obama triples the number of
2:49 am
troops. triples the spending there. and our casualties, of course, gone up as a result. then you get frank complaining about how much is being spent on afghanistan. i think you ought to sit down and have a chat with his president. look, the liberals, the democrats have been saying this for a century. whenever you need money. you take it away from the one essential function of government which is national defense. and perhaps he also hasn't heard same date john kennedy under him. we spent half of the federal budget, 50% was on defense. today it was less than 20%. and falling. he wants to cut it in half. he mentioned japan. that means essentially turning over the pacific rim to china. i'm not sure that's really good idea. >> you are actually agreeing with me. so, be very, very careful as you know. >> occasionally, bill. >> reputation will be ruined if you agree with me. >> look, bill, i have to acknowledge that occasionally
2:50 am
you stumble into the truth. >> that you and bernie goldberg, you know, the same mantra, occasionally. i'm right. i know i'm right. and let me give you a fact that very interesting. tuesday night. monday night. monday night. after the stock market blew up. all right. it's tuesday today. i'm delirious. our ratings were enormous. enormous. because people came to watch the factor because they knew we would tell them the truth about why the stock market went down 600 points. who was at fault and what was happening. the liberal networks, particularly msnbc, but also cnn got murdered. nobody watched them. way down from what they used to do. and i'm telling you, americans even liberal americans are saying, you know what? these people are misleading me. these left wingers are not doing what's right for me and the country. that prevailing wisdom is starting to seep in big time,
2:51 am
charles. i think you are right. liberalism today after what it's done in charge for the last two and a half years two years of which it controlled the house, the senate and the white house. after these two and a half years it doesn't have a real good story to tell. everything collapses. >> a disaster. four and a half years. because they controlled two under bush. the liberals did. >> the presidency also helps if you control all the branches of government, you don't have a good story to tell. >> worse if the liberal media would level with the folks. because they cover for each other. >> i know that. what do you think they are thinking? this is you are good at this though. this is conjecture and speculation. >> fox news alert will -- flattery will get you everywhere. >> they threw all of their
2:52 am
sources behind president obama. everything. weighs the god send. and now look what we have. what are they saying to themselves, charles? >> well, it is complicated. i think some of them are saying to themselves we just picked the wrong candidate. maybe it should have been hillary. it isn't that liberalism is wrong but we just a lousy leader a guy who had no experience. a guy who was a flash in the pan. gave a good speech but never ran a candy store. that's one argument. the ideology is right but the leadership is wrong. the other argument that you see is obama giving times elsewhere. all the fault either of act god earthquakes. nasty terrible republicans who held america hostage. held a gun to its head, et cetera. using incidentally precisely the kind of incivil language that tucson they had said was supposed to abolish. so i think they have two stories. >> bill: all right.
2:53 am
but none of those stories, neither of those stories washing. no one is buying either of them. >> if the election were held tomorrow, they would be destroyed. >> you would be president and i would be secretary of state and that's the way it should be, charles. thanks very much as always. pinheads and patriots on deck. another thorough bread o. running under the factor angle. >> george minister brings her on by. bold and fresh at 24 to 1. >> bill: right back with p and p and what happened in that race. bold and fresh coming up.
2:54 am
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring a horse named bold and fresh. but first a good number of folks coming to see the show on long island, saturday at the west bury theater. that's miller and me. to make your journey fabulous, i've posted the best of on island on we hope you check that out on the website. >> now the mail: >> bill: anyone who says i'm consentedding to the congresswoman is either dumb or lying, possibly both. --
2:56 am
. >> bill: good grief rich, get some fresh air will you. >> bill: that's because i'm personally biased. that doesn't make sense. i need a nap. >> bill: you're taxed 18 times. lower income tax rates would offset a small national sales tax no increase unless new legislation approved. you pay taxes on many things with your take-home pay. my program would be more money in your pocket.
2:57 am
>> bill: voters have the power to lower that up there, dan. >> bill: we are 14 trillion in the hole, but still generate a massive amount of revenue. the debt could be paid off. s&p knows that and knows change is in the win. shouldn't have downgraded. >> bill: emily, don't do that! we'll get out there. >> finally, a horse named the factor almost got to the kentucky derby this year. now there's another horse last saturday. >> announcer: fresh on the outside, in the stretch, jazzy has had a tough trip. bold and fresh angles menacingly.
2:58 am
george brenner brings on five. bold and fresh at 2 -- at 24-1, staggering late, bold and fresh has enough to pull up. >> bill: yes! 24-1! bold and fresh very patriotic horse. horse paid off big at the meadowlands, that's for sure. maybe miller would ride the horse into the show. wouldn't that be good? we'll work on it. that is it for us tonight please check out the fox news factor website. please spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name antawn if you wish to opine. -- word of the day, do not be a noddy. real word, don't be one. become a premium member if you are looking for something fun
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to do. we'll have the best presidential coverage anywhere on the website. thanks for watching, i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here. because we >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, august 10th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your morning with us. it's a win in wisconsin for the g.o.p. as voters go to the polls, republicans take on the union and stand tall against a recall. what does it all mean? will it spell trouble for president obama? 2012? >> meanwhile, riots spreading in london and this morning, a battle to take back the streets. british prime minister david cameron about to speak any minute after an emergency cabinet meeting. we'll bring it to you live. >> stocks soar and so does one missouri mom. a woman takes to the air to send the s&p this message. you're all fired! meet the woman going c


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